1 Year Anniversary

Exactly one year ago I published and released my blog. It is crazy how time flies. I can’t quite believe that it has been a year already.

About two or three years ago, I remember thinking that I wanted to start a blog. I thought about it for some time, and then I brushed off the idea completely. It wasn’t until August of last year, when my mom encouraged me to start a blog, that I started to think about it again. I could have started blogging the first time that I thought about it, but looking back now I realise that was probably not the right time. God’s timing is always perfect.

It has been an interesting first year of having My Thoughts. It has sometimes been challenging and it hasn’t always been easy to blog. Despite the challenges, it has also been very rewarding.

I have shared things about life and myself that I probably wouldn’t have shared with anyone, if it wasn’t for this blog. I am quite a reserved person, and sometimes it can take time for me share my thoughts or ideas with others. Also as an introvert I either find it easier to formulate an idea or thought in my head, or write it down, before passing it on to others.

Sometimes it is easier to share about the positive stuff in life, and leave out the hard and not so easy stuff. But it is important to share about the hard things, and the challenges that we might face in life. That is why I am not just saying that having this blog has been easy, because it hasn’t. It has had it’s challenges, and it is better to be honest and admit that. I am very thankful for this blog though. I have grown a bit in my writing, and it has given me something to do during my gap year. I have grown quite a lot as a person because of this blog.

Before I started this blog I never imagined that God would use my writing to reach people for him. I have always enjoyed writing though. I don’t know what this next year, or what the future will look like for my blog. But it is going to be interesting to see.

I am looking forward to continuing this journey as a blogger, and I am excited to see what this next year will bring for My Thoughts. Thank you all for following along me on this journey.

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