Everyone is Different

Selective Mutism is different for everyone. When a person is sick they don’t always have the same symptom as others, in the same way this is true for people with selective mutism. Some can talk in situations that others can’t. Some children might not be able to speak in situations outside of their home at all. Some might be able to communicate in another way, while some might not even be able to do this. Some can talk to a few friends and a few teachers at school, while others can’t speak in school at all. Some are naturally extroverted, and some are naturally introverted.

“How selective mutism presents for one child does not define how it will present in another.” Wordless Warriors

“There are no set rules for when or how selective mutism effects someone.” – Wordless Warriors

Everyone with selective mutism has their own struggles. It is important to remember that because everyone is different, what works for one person may not always work for another person. Everyone has different triggers.

“Each child has their own anxieties, their own comforts, their own inhibitions and their own capabilities.” – Wordless Warriors

Everyone may have different needs that need to be met, but each person with selective mutism needs to be shown kindness and understanding.

Everyone with selective mutism has their own journey through life, and so everyone with this has their own personal story to share.

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