Facts about Selective Mutism

In this blog post I am sharing some facts about selective mutism. Some of them are facts that I have known for quite a while, and some I have learned about recently.

Selective mutism is not a choice.

Teenagers and adults can also have selective mutism. However anyone who suffers from this are able to overcome it with proper treatment and willingness.

Unlike shyness they won’t be able to talk if they really need to. This is one way where you will be able to see if it is shyness or not.

Selective mutism is about more than just being unable to speak. Some will have difficulty making eye contact also. Along with countless of other possibilities, that is mentioned in the image.

Children with selective mutism are often unable to smile for picture day at school, and other times also when taking pictures. I didn’t realise that other people also struggled with this until I read more about selective mutism.

“The less pressure a child feels to speak, the more likely it is that they do so. This is why sometimes a child will freely speak to a stranger! The person doesn’t know that they don’t talk, so all pressure is removed. Some of the hardest people to become verbal with are those they have had SO many chances to, and haven’t succeeded.” – Roar + Resound

This is a bit true for me. Although I would never go up and speak to just anyone, because I am shy in that way. It is sometimes easier to speak to people that I don’t know, or someone new that I have just met.

These words are known as pressure words for children with selective mutism. They are not trying to be rude when not saying them.

In the article below there are some more interesting facts that you can read about.


I hope that you found this blog post to be helpful, and that you learned some new things about selective mutism.

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