Introverts and Extroverts

Introversion and extroversion are both personality types. Each person living on earth is either introverted or extroverted, or even both.

Extroverts loves spending their time with other people. They also get typically lonely when they are forced to be alone, or when they have been alone for too long. Introverts are the opposite, they don’t like to spend all their time with people, and they prefer to be on their own. Then there are also those who are known as ambiverts. An ambivert is someone who have the qualities of both extroversion and introversion. Ambiverts enjoys spending time with other people, but they also need their alone time.

Although none of these personality types are a sin, it becomes a sin when we use them as an excuse to disobey God from something that he is calling us to do. God might be calling an introverted person to go out for the day, because he wants to use you to be a blessing to another person at that time. Or God might be calling an introverted person to go and talk to someone that is way out of their comfort zone. For extroverted people God might be calling them to spend some time alone, and practicing to be still in a season.

I am an introvert. As intimidating as it is for extroverts to sometimes be alone, it is intimidating for me and other introverts to leave the house and to leave our own comfort zone. Lockdown has been a dream come true for some introverts, because we were all told to stay inside of our homes and not make any unnecessary trips. Some introverts have been thriving during this season, and some extroverts have almost been bursting inside during this season because of not leaving their house and not meeting people.

I sometimes feel like I am going to burst inside when I have been outside of my home, spending time with people, and being at the store or in town for too long. Don’t get me wrong though I like doing these things sometimes, but when I have been at or doing these things for too long I get very drained down, and even emotionally drained sometimes. This is the same for all introverts, they enjoy doing social things now and then, but afterwards they are always exhausted from it. Extroverts will be exhausted from having too much alone time, however it doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy being on their own now and then.

Introverts will crave their alone time. Extroverts crave about spending time with people and doing social things. Ambiverts crave both these things depending on their mood.

So long as we are obeying God’s calling then there is nothing wrong with being introverted, extroverted or ambiverted.

Which personality type fits you the best? Are you extroverted, introverted or ambiverted?

I have included two videos down below that I find inspiring and good, which is for you to watch.

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