The Pandemic from my Perspective

It has been more than a year since this pandemic started. At the beginning of the year most of us probably thought that we would only be in lockdown for a few weeks. I know that I didn’t expect it to be going on for a year.

Lockdown has had its ups and downs. For me being home all the time has not been that bad. Home is a comfortable place for me. Being home all the time has definitely had its challenges though. There have been days when it has been too much home time, and going out for some fresh air then has been really nice and relaxing. Sometimes it has been too much of the same routine, or just nothing to do at home. There are times when I have really missed normal life and there are also times when I haven’t.

For some families lockdown has been really good, because some have grown closer together in this time, and for some families it has been hard and stressful. Lockdown has affected everyone in some ways.

During the pandemic me, my sister, and my brother have joined our youth group on Instagram live and on zoom. Sometimes it has been challenging having it online, but it has also been really good. We have heard some interesting and helpful topics during this time. It has been nice to meet on zoom during these crazy times, and I am very thankful for it. But nothing beats being able to gather together in person.

This season has been strange and sometimes hard. But I have also learnt some valuable lessons during this time. One important lesson that I have learnt during this season, is to be thankful for the small things in life. What if we all would choose to thank God and remember everything that we are thankful for from this season, instead of focusing on the negative and the hard.

Once thing that I am very thankful for during this time, is that I have not been sick this past year. It is interesting because although the restrictions are hard and annoying, some people have been a lot more healthier during this pandemic.

Restrictions are starting to ease here, and I am very thankful that we are able to meet with a few people in person. I am very excited for normal life to hopefully be returning to soon. But it also feels a bit weird to be returning to normal life. This has been a very strange and crazy year. Many of us have mostly been home all this time, and have hardly seen any people. Some might have mixed feelings about going back, and it is quite expected, considering the year we have had.

It is okay if it takes time to get used to the idea of going back to normal.

Lockdown has affected everyone in different ways. This blog post is just about what lockdown has been like for me, and what I have learned. Everyone will have a different story and perspective to tell about lockdown and this pandemic, and it is totally okay because we are all different.

To close this blog post, I wanted to say that in some ways we might not be able to go back to things we were used to before, but we can start afresh instead. This life will have many changes for us, whether we are prepared for it or not. But there is one that will never change, and that is God.

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