There is Nothing Wrong With the Quiet Ones

One thing that I believe is that there is nothing wrong with being quiet. The world however seems to think that it is very wrong to be a quiet person.

These are some very common questions that everyone asks or say to the quiet ones: Why are you so quiet? Do you never talk? You don’t say very much.

You never ask the loud ones why they are being so loud, or why they talk too much. I saw this quote yesterday while scrolling through pinterest.

“Why are you so loud? Is rarely asked with the same level of judgement as’, Why are you so quiet?”

If you would ask a talkative person why they are talking so much, they would take it as an offence, and they would also consider it rude and hurtful. People don’t realise it, but us quiet ones, think that it is very rude and hurtful, when someone asks us; Why are you so quiet? Being asked this question can be very insecure for the quiet ones. They will then think that they have to change themselves, and become really loud and talkative, and they will become someone who they are not.

I used to think that I had to change and become really loud and talkative, for the world and people to accept me. No one expects the talkative ones to change themselves, so why should we expect the quiet ones to change themselves. God made you unique, no one in the whole world is like you, and God doesn’t expect us to change ourselves in order to fit in to this world.

Last year in college each of us in Level 1 of Animal Care got awarded for something at the end of academic year. These were awards like how our characters had been for that academic year. Some of these awards were funny and silly, and some were serious. My award was the quietest student. At the time when I got the award I didn’t like it very much. Now however I think that it is cool that I got awarded for being the quietest student. I even smile to myself when I see it in the folder. At the time when I got the award, my teachers said something like this: This is for someone who doesn’t speak very often, but only when she is required to. This is something that I think is very true. The quiet ones do not speak very often, but they speak when they are required to, and they say things when they think that it is necessary. This is the opposite for the talkative ones, because they speak almost every minute of the day, and they believe that it is necessary to talk for hours and hours. The world should learn from the quiet ones, because they are the ones who actually think before they say something.

The quiet ones are usually the ones who don’t like to be the centre of attention all the time. I don’t think that it is a bad thing actually, and I think that people should also learn from this. God doesn’t care if you are at the centre of the attention or not.

The quiet ones might give you some very short answers, but at least this is better than not speaking at all. People should stop trying to force the quiet ones to say really long sentences. We don’t force you to be quiet, and like I said the quiet ones speak what they think is necessary, and maybe we think that giving short answers are necessary at the time.

Many people seems to believe that being near a quiet person is uncomfortable, but I mean this is just silly. It is not like we are hatching a plot to murder you or something. Many people also seem to think that it is a crime to be quiet. Learn to relax in front of the quiet ones, and just enjoy the presence of a quiet person in the room.

Many quiet people will usually have a best friend, or family members that they are more talkative to. Don’t be offended if they are more quiet in front of you, it is literally how quiet people function, they are more talkative to some and more quiet in front of others. Just be glad that they have someone that they choose to laugh around and share their secrets with, like you have.

Also just because people are quiet and less talkative, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have any confidence. Many quiet people are quietly confident in who they are.

There is nothing wrong with the quiet ones. Just because they don’t speak very often it doesn’t mean that they are sad and depressed. They are often just as happy as you are each day. Like I said quiet people function in a different way than the talkative ones.

There is nothing wrong with being a quiet person. The world needs to learn from the quiet ones. I believe that the world needs both quiet and talkative people. I think that the world would be very boring without the quiet ones. The quiet ones are just as smart as the rest of the world is. They might not show it, but they can be really smart, even smarter than the talkative ones sometimes.

God created both quiet and talkative people, and he can use both sorts to change the world, and win people to Christ.

To close off this topic I chose another quote that I like.

“There is nothing wrong with being quiet. It is an art which many have yet to master.”

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