Hi! My name is Aymie. I am the writer of this blog. I have always enjoyed and had an interest for reading and writing. When I was about 15 or 16 I once remember thinking about starting a blog. I thought about it, but then I brushed off the idea completely. About two years after that thought, my mom encouraged me to start a blog, and that is the story behind how my journey as a blogger started. I could have started blogging the first time that I thought about it, but looking back I now realise that that was probably not the right time. God’s timing is always perfect.

On this blog I share and write about many of different kinds of topics. I write about my life, my thoughts, and other things that God has put on my heart. It’s the reason why I named my blog “My Thoughts”. I wanted a unique name that described the meaning and the reason behind the blog. My hope for this blog and account is that you will feel encouraged by my words and content, and that you will also feel less alone in your situations and struggles.

I am thankful that God is able to use my passion for writing as a way of blessing and encouraging others. Without God this blog wouldn’t be possible, and I give him all the glory.

I also have another website where I raise awareness for selective mutism. SM is an anxiety disorder that I have grown up with. https://selectivemutismawereness.oursite.one/

Thank you for checking out my blog. I hope you enjoy it!