Disappointments in Life

This year many of us have had to face disappointments in our lives. We have had to change some of our plans because of Covid-19.

I have gone through a few disappointments this year. It hasn’t been easy, We often make our own plans in life, and then we get very disappointed when they don’t work out.

We need to learn to ask God if our plans align with his will for us. Sometimes we will get a no from God when we ask him this question. Although it is hard to get a no from God, it is actually better than chasing something that we are not meant to be doing.

His plan is always better than ours.

Some of you may know that I am taking a gap year this year. I had still hoped to study at college this year, but my plans didn’t work out. I was disappointed when it didn’t work out. Even though everything hasn’t worked out the way I wanted to, some good has come out of it. I have started blogging now, and I probably wouldn’t have if I had still been at college.

Life doesn’t always go the way we want it to. You might be praying for something and then get disappointed when it doesn’t happen the way that you hoped it would. God always answers our prayers with a yes, no, or later. It is easy to feel disappointed when our prayers don’t go our way. But God is good, and he answers them with what is best for each individual person.

Disappointment will come in life whether we like it or not. But it is how we deal with them that will determine where we go in life. Are you going to give up on God when you face disappointments in life? Or are you going to keep trusting that God has a plan for your life? Which of the two will you choose? The choice is yours.

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