Do it Afraid

In the bible there are many different verses about fear. Time and time again God tells us not to be afraid. I believe that God knew that we would struggle with fear and anxiety, and so he gave us reminders for when we do feel those thoughts. God knew that our generation would desperately need these verses for such a time as this. His will for us is not to live a life with constant fear and anxiety. As Christians we are not promised a life without struggles and hardships, but we are promised that he will never leave or forsake us.

I do definitely believe that we should strive to live fearlessly. But I also believe that stepping out even when we are afraid is brave as well.

A person who is afraid at times is not less courageous. I am sorry if anyone has told you otherwise. You don’t have to be ashamed when you are facing feelings of fear.

“Courage isn’t about something magical that happens inside us to make us not sacred. It’s about something magical that happens inside us to make us push through fear, self-doubt, anxiety, and do the things that feel hard or risky or frightening.” – Karen Young

“Courage is knowing you are scared and doing it anyway.”

Every time you move forward despite fear being in your way, you are BRAVE.

The first step to overcoming the fears that we have; is to do it afraid.

We might not always feel fearless at first. But every time when we take a step further to face our fears we will soon find that those fears lose power over us. I have seen this before in my own life.

“Do not think less of yourself if you can’t be fearless… Doing it afraid is just as brave.”- Morgan Harper Nichols

Do it afraid until the fear completely fades.

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